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Monday, August 29, 2011

Inmate 1577 - Couldn't Put It Down!

This was my first Alan Jacobson novel and I was not disappointed.  In fact, I wasted most of the day today, feeling compelled to finish it.  Jacobson created a wonderful story full of suspense, and intriguing characters, who move the plot along at an incredible speed.  "Inmate 1577" is unique in that the chapters switch back and forth from being set in 1950ish times to present-day. The grittiness of the Alcatraz experiences to the sarcastic attitude of FBI agent Karen Vail are just two of the components that will make this a best selling book. Jacobson did a phenomenal job of telling a tale of a man and his son who had tragic events enter into their life and the very realistic consequences that followed. If you want a novel that keeps you turning the pages, and on your toes, trying to guess who the perps are, and what is really going on, then "Inmate 1577" is the one for you.  Well-worth your time.    

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