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Monday, April 11, 2011

"Distracted" now available!

Distracted: A Thriller - 99 cents

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Product Description:

For fans of Lee Child, Walter Mosley, and Barry Eisler, comes a novella about hard men, and even harder choices...

TWENTY-FOUR HOURSShell, a killer-for-hire, is the hardest of these men. Nevertheless, someone has infiltrated his Network. They have the five women closest to him. And they will start murdering these women-one every twenty-four hours-unless Shell meets their demands. Just one demand, actually: kill Roger Coke. However, killing Coke, a brutal gun and drug trafficker, is no easy task. Making the job even more difficult is the sudden presence of Coke's girlfriend, a stunning beauty in desperate need of a savior. But why must her greatest moment of need come just as Shell is set to make his kill?

Killing is tough business, especially when you're...


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