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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Madness BOGO!

Winter Madness BOGO... 
Buy One Get One FREE!

*Starting at noon E.S.T., Sunday January 23, 2011

More than 50 generous authors are donating FREE ebooks.
How it works:   

       For each book purchased from our 99 cent collection (starting at noon E.S.T. 1/23/11), the reader can choose a FREE book of choice within the collection.   
  ** To receive your free ebook, simply email a copy of your receipt from Amazon (or Amazon UK) to AND indicate in your email the title of the ebook you would like to receive a free copy of.   

Books that are available to choose as a freebie, after any other book is bought are indicated with a ***


lanaphillips said...

Noon what time zone?

Excuse Me, Miss said...

Sorry...E.S.T. Eastern :-)

Anonymous said...

does this apply to south africa?

Excuse Me, Miss said...

Sure, this applies to South Africa. If you use Amazon UK, this is fine, simply email your UK receipt, as stated in the rules and make sure to mention that you may need a Smashwords coupon for the freebies. :-)

Reymos said...

This is a reasonable offers! Nice knowing you as well. Rey